Road Hazard & Wheel Protection

Chrysler Mopar vehicle protection is offering Road Hazard & Wheel protection. This covers Wheel and tire damage due to hazardous road conditions. Plus, it covers the cost of mounting, balancing, and stems.

If you commute often in city areas, you know how easy it is to hit a pothole in the street. This can result in a flat tire or damaged wheel. With Road Hazard & Wheel Protection, You will get a complete repair for all for wheels at the current retail price for the factory and aftermarket wheels. So, even if you need a repair or a replacement after you have already the original tires or wheels, you will be able to do so under the protection of Mopar. This coverage package also offers replacement of tire sensor pressure gauge if damaged by road hazards.

If you are interested in Road Hazard & Wheel Protection by Chrysler Mopar Wheel protection, Contact Mullen Motors Inc dealership in Southold today.


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