When you entrust your family's transportation to a new minivan, you expect to get where you're going safely and efficiently. The Dodge Grand Caravan has kept its position as a popular choice for families exactly because you can depend on it to deliver you anywhere in Southold at the lowest possible cost.

The engineers at Dodge built the Grand Caravan with plenty of power and torque. Its award-winning engine packs class-leading horsepower along with top fuel mileage ratings. Along the way, you never know what the road may hold. For those days when the surface is icy or slippery, the Grand Caravan's traction control system holds the surface at any speed. It manages brake pressure when your wheels start losing traction. It may also limit your engine's power in order to increase traction and stability.

When you place your family's safety in the power and technology of a minivan, you can depend on the Dodge Grand Caravan to get you there and back.


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