Do you like to attract attention when you pull up to an event? Our Mullen Motors Inc staff thinks you might like the Dodge Durango. With its bold, aggressive design, this popular mid-size SUV is made to turn heads.

The fun starts with the grille, which feature Dodge's iconic split crosshair grille. The unexpected combination of textures and lines creates a commanding impression, right from the start.

With its strong shape and eye-catching contouring, the Durango stands out from a crowd. Want to put your own personal twist on the exterior? With 10 different paint colors, that's easy — go with the brilliant Redline 2 to make a splash, or highlight the sculpted body with the glimmering White Knuckle. You can even opt to add racing stripes to create a true masterpiece. Check out all of the paint colors when you visit us in Southhold for a test drive.


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