Tough trucks have key design elements that provide strength, stability, and durability. The Ram 1500 is one of the toughest trucks for demanding towing routines. It gets reliable power from a V8 engine, and its high-strength solid steel frame provides support while heavy cargo is towed on a trailer. This steel frame is very stiff, which is why it doesn't break down easily when the Ram 1500 moves cargo that's over 12,000 pounds.

The 1500's V8 engine is designed for towing jobs. For example, it doesn't rely on a traditional alternator. Instead, this engine uses a hybrid system called eTorque. When the Ram 1500 is attached to a trailer, eTorque provides big advantages by combining fuel-efficient technologies with performance-boosting hardware.

Some of the Ram 1500's most advanced features enhance handling on the road. A short cruise in a 1500 is a convenient way to test these features. You can test drive Ram trucks at Mullen Motors.



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