The Easy Way to Make a Vehicle Dog-Friendly

If you are a dog owner and want to take your canine companion on road trips, you’ll want to make sure that your vehicle is as dog-friendly as possible. In addition to purchasing a vehicle at Mullen Motors that’s sizable enough for your dog after taking a test drive, you can make a few extra modifications to help your pet travel better.

Putting sunshades on the rear windows can keep your pet cool while cruising around on hot days. These sunshades can block out some of the intense sunlight that might make conditions inside the vehicle uncomfortably warm for your dog. Even if your AC is on full blast, sunshades may still be needed when the weather is especially hot and sunny.

To save yourself some hassle of having to clean up after your dog, try putting in some all-season floor mats and seat covers. These additions can protect your vehicle’s upholstery and are easy to remove and clean.



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