The new Dodge Durango is a well-known and popular full-size SUV. The new Durango is available in a number of packages that include trailer based, anodized, and Mopar chrome options. While each of these packages offers specialized appearances and functions, all of them provide drivers with the fabled Durango power.

The Dodge Durango comes fully equipped with a powerful 360 hp motor that is capable of operating at over 5,000 RPM. Backing up this powerful motor is 390 foot-pounds of torque. Underlying this horsepower and torque are 16 variable overhead valves supplying a V-8 motor. This configuration allows the Durango to achieve reasonable fuel efficiency figures while still providing robust power.

Supporting this powerful motor system is the new Durango 8–speed automatic transmission with manual shift capability. This transmission applies power to the all-wheel-drive suspension system that provides extra stability and traction under all road conditions.



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