Learn About the New Jeep Cherokee Safety Features

Here are some of the new Jeep Cherokee safety features to consider. If you are driving and the Jeep Cherokee it at risk of a collision, the Pre-Collision Assist takes action. Whether it is a pedestrian walking in front of your vehicle at night or a stalled car on the highway, the alerts will flash for you to slow down, followed by the pre-charging of the brakes until the incident is avoided.

If you put the Jeep Cherokee in reverse, to help keep you safe, the Cross-Traffic Alert system is activated. This system scans the road behind your car for another vehicle moving or pedestrian walking, then flashes an alert for you to stop. If you do not take action, the braking system works to stop your car.

If you are curious about the all-new Jeep Cherokee, take it for a test drive today because we have it ready on the lot at Mullen Motors for you.



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