How can Transfer Case Technology Help You?

While some people live in cities that have nice, smooth roads, many other people live in areas that challenge drivers with much tougher road-conditions. In areas like these, drivers can greatly benefit from the services of 4-wheel drive vehicles.

That said, there are many situations in which 4-wheels of rotating power are a bit much for the prevailing road conditions. In such situations, many drivers benefit from 2-wheel drive service. Some vehicles offer drivers like you the best of both worlds, and these cars often include special parts called transfer cases.

Transfer cases are special stand-alone transmissions that get their power from gear or chain connections to regular transmissions. When engaged, these devices can seamlessly route power to each individual tire, and when disengaged they allow for 2-wheel drive service. While transfer cases offer you great flexibility and freedom, they also require regular and deep servicing. At our place in the Southold area, our certified transmission system experts can provide your system with the care that it needs. For more information, come by our car repair facility today for a no-obligation conversation.

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